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Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS)

The Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) and the Wireless Priority Service (WPS) programs are companion services for priority calling offered by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). CISA recommends that individuals requesting WPS also request a GETS card. The registration process will allow you to request both services at the same time.

Registration Terms and Conditions

Organizations may subscribe by:
  • Having an organizational mission which supports National Security/Emergency Preparedness (NS/EP)
  • Identifying a Point of Contact (POC) to manage the account and an alternate POC, if possible

Industry-specific Notes

Financial Services Organizations
In addition to completing the registration below, financial services organizations must complete the FBIIC Request for GETS Sponsorship and submit it to Organizations should also review the Financial and Banking Information Infrastructure Committee's policy on GETS sponsorship. The FBIIC website also provides links to regulator-specific guidance.
Radio and Television Broadcast Stations
The priority features provided by GETS and WPS are intended for use in restoration of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and for mass dissemination of emergency messages to the general public when requested by government officials.
POC responsibilities include:
  • Identifying organization staff with NS/EP responsibilities
  • Submitting all GETS requests for eligible users within their organization
  • Distributing GETS cards to users (GETS cards are sent to the POC for control and distribution)
  • Familiarizing users with GETS
  • Reviewing monthly reports listing all GETS calls made by users in their organization and certifying that the calls constitute valid and appropriate GETS usage
  • Regularly reviewing and updating GETS card holdings (and WPS where applicable) to cancel personnel who have left the organization or no longer qualify for the programs. Recommendation: include requesting/cancelling of GETS and WPS as part of organizational in/out processing
  • Completing periodic revalidations to ensure all GETS records are accurate
Note: GETS and WPS are for use on a call-by-call basis, after encountering congestion in the wired or wireless public phone networks. GETS access codes and PINs are not for use in mass calling equipment.

GETS Costs

There are no charges to GETS subscribers for enrollment or use.

WPS Costs

There are no subscriber charges for Wireless Priority Service.

Next Step

To complete your request, you will need to provide contact information for the person who will serve as your organization's POC (see responsibilities in box above).

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